Today, i lost the match to Vinci, first I must thank my country and CPAfor giving me the chance to entry overseas ,now i'm very very very very very(omissions 888) sad because i should defeated her by 60 60, in the first set point i served an DF you called Excrement, why i did it just in order to promote the relationship between china and Italian, Vince is too old enough to retire , so I Intentionally lost to her and in thesecond set I eat the delicious Italian Fried fritters ,xixi I love it.
Now I will talk about severing problems, I had made great progress in winter training, but just a little Unstable, believe me, I will become the Princess ACE in WTA in the future . Someone had told me Monica Han had won her first winning in 2011, Congratulations to her ,and wish her making bigger success this week ! Now it's too late to go to bed with someone, i can't help making something  tonight . Tomorrow I will win the double games  Believe me !
I love u my fans Mua~ Good Night~
Serena Zhang

Monica Han
02/13/2011 23:55

Serena,you've made a majority of grammatical mistakes in this article,LOL!
FYI,I will outshine you forever!


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