Hey everyone, another late night tonight - it's after midnight now!
  My agent told me that I have so many foreign fans,so I'd like to write something in English.But my English is not very good,I hope you can understand what I said.
    Today was a big challenge for me against Brianti,I played her last year in NingBo  and lost in 3 sets.  Unfortunately I lost to her in 3 sets again.It was a close match and every game was tight. Brianti was playing great today.She was really enjoying the match  and playing freely. I did as much as I could but in the third set I was feeling very tired.It wasn't easy for me to stay at my top level for all of the match. I made some mistakes on important points.
  I'd like to thank everyone for coming out and supporting me. It always helps and I'm so proud to play in front of all of my fans.  I will play doubles tomorrow and I hope all my fans can come here and support me again!
  Thanks to all of you for reading my blog too - I had fun doing it and will definitely do it again!
  Take care and wish me luck for next week!
  Shuai Shuai

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03/28/2012 09:38

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07/13/2012 08:29

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